An important message from our partners in humane service

There are just a few days for the companion animal spay/neuter assistance bill, SSB 5202, to be voted out of the Washington State Senate before cutoff (February 18). If you have not done so, please contact your state senator now to encourage him or her to support passage of this bill; and share this message with friends and associates. Thank you for being a voice for the animals! 

Barn KittensSubstitute Senate Bill (SSB) 5202 would create a statewide companion animal spay/neuter assistance program that would provide free or very low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for dogs and cats belonging to low-income individuals, and spay/neuter surgeries for feral and free-roaming cats.

SSB 5202 replaces the original bill, SB 5202. The substitute bill removes the pet-food fee funding source from the original bill, and replaces it with a voluntary contribution of up to $1 per pet license (surcharge) from communities that license pets.

Although the original bill provides strong, reliable and predictable funding through the pet-food fee, it became clear that the state senate would not support passage of a bill with that funding source this biennium. The substitute bill does not provide the funding we desire, but it does create a framework for building an effective spay/neuter assistance program. Securing a long-term funding source that is workable, adequate, and fair will be essential.

For that reason, we support passage of SSB 5202. Please contact your state senator by phone or email NOW and ask that he or she vote FOR SSB 5202 in the senate.

Your state senator can be contacted about SSB 5202 by filling out the comment form on the bill. It's quick and easy. Be sure to click the buttons asking for a reply from your senator.

Please consider the following tips in writing your message:
  • Ask your senator to encourage other senate leaders to schedule SSB 5202 for a vote on the senate floor.
  • Ask your senator to vote FOR SSB 5202.
  • Say that the bill is an important step in reducing costs our cities and counties bear in dealing with homeless animals; and will help end the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats in our state's shelters.
  • State reasons why the bill is important to YOU and others in your community.
We encourage a followup call to your senator's office asking for a "yes" vote on SSB 5202, Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Assistance. You will find your senator's phone number listed here.

Please contact Save Washington Pets 
if you have any questions or need help! Their email address  

Please keep in touch Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation/Save Washington Pets at their website, and on Facebook.

Save Washington Pets is a registered trade name of Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation, a 504(c)(4) organization.    

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