Adoptable dogs

We have just nine adoptable dogs today, but they are nine of the best! Come on down to meet them! (Click to enlarge image; photos by Melissa Corcoran)

Top row: Buddy, Junior, Clark
Middle row: Bear, Maverick, Turk
Bottom row: Buddha, Roo, Lilly

Our hearts break for those affected by the slide

Everett Animal Shelter is the regional animal shelter for Snohomish County and the primary animal welfare organization for Oso lost and found pets.

EVERETT - The Everett Animal Shelter is leading the efforts in providing animal related services and resources to the Oso residents affected by the slide.  The shelter is working with Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management and Red Cross as the primary animal welfare organization for people with lost or found animals from the Oso disaster.
People or businesses that have found a lost or abandoned dog or cat in the area of the slide are asked to bring the animal to the Everett Animal Shelter or to contact the shelter at 425-257-6000to provide information about the animals.  If they need assistance with transporting the animals contact Snohomish County Animal Control at 425-388-3440.
The shelter is also working closely with other rescue groups in the area who will cross post from the Everett Animal Shelter Facebook page to broaden the effort of reuniting pets with theirfamilies.  The shelter requests that all animal related information pertaining to the Oso disaster and all social media sites direct people to the Everett Animal Shelter.  The shelter is the first place people in Snohomish County go when looking for their pets.

At the shelter animals receive quality care, food and vet care as well as day long attention from the dedicated staff and volunteers.  The 72 hour stray hold will not apply to animals from this disaster, they will be held as long as necessary to reunite them with their family. 

The shelter is open 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm and is located at 333 Smith Island Rd, Everett, WA  98201.

Shannon Johnson, Animal Shelter Director 425-257-6013

Meghan Pembroke, Public Info Director 425-257-8687

You be my eyes, I'll be your heart

We have with us the most amazing pair of pups whom we must insist get adopted together if no loving owner steps forward to claim them. They were left on our property after hours. 

 Jersey is a large doberman and Little Bear is a terrier x chi. Little Bear is Jersey's SEEING EYE DOG!! Jersey the dobie is completely blind, but trusts Little Bear to guide him! 

Of course we will only place them together. This gorgeous two part package will delight anyone with a heart big enough for this amazing loving duo! 

To meet this darling pair, please call the shelter or email 

Happy reunion

Are you still awake?? I bet I know a sweet little someone who is tucked up in his bed with his mom tonight, whispering about his great adventure!

Cody (who we had been calling Wilbur), the little chi boy, was claimed today by his excited mom, who couldn't believe that she had finally found him! They couldn't stop hugging and kissing one another! 

Thanks to a lost and found report, an ad on Craigslist, and the diligence of our sharp-eyed volunteers, we were able to reunite this family!!

St. Pitty's Day Special

Am Staffs, Pitties, Pit Bulls, Bullies, Pibbles, Love-A-Bulls, APBT’s, Hug-A-Bulls, Love Chunks—whatever you call these loyal, strong, intelligent dogs, we’re celebrating them now!
For approved applicants, get 50% off basic adoption fees for all pitties through March! 

Remembering Theresa

The Humane Society of Skagit Valley staff and volunteers deeply mourn the passing of beloved volunteer Theresa Ann Chason of Sedro Woolley, who passed away on Thursday February 20th.  We extend our condolences to her family.

Theresa invested countless hours of devotion in our dogs, with her talents and knowledge in dog training.  She would not just take on the dogs that needed a little guidance or correction to learn better dog manners—she would take on the truly difficult dogs that needed a true friend and leader to have a second chance at life.  She spent hours with them, preparing each for their next adventure with new owners and a new home.

When Theresa's exemplary training skills were not enough to make a challenging dog work in the normal day to day surroundings of a family home, she would go that extra mile to find the right placement. If a dog had talents and needs that required a different environment, Theresa would find him a placement somewhere special, such as in the Boeing Bomb School for canine bomb sniffer candidates.

Theresa had more courage than anyone we've ever met. She understood that a disability was just a reason to fight a little harder! This was a standard she held for the dogs, the staff, and herself.

Theresa has not been able to be with us for about a year due to illness. Last summer, HSSV honored Theresa with the Clayton Award for her outstanding commitment in saving the life of a animal. We at HSSV can truly say she saved many lives.

Rest in peace, Theresa. You will be dearly missed.

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