Puppy Mills and Pet Population

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Pet population

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are 6 to 8 million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year. Up to 3 million of these pets are euthanized due to a shortage of appropriate homes. Many of the dogs that are put to sleep each year are healthy, purebred animals with the potential to be cherished pets. There are no better ways to prevent homelessness in pets than to spay, neuter, and adopt.

The puppy mill problem

Many of the cute, adorable puppies that you see for sale in pet stores, on the internet, or by breeders advertising in magazines or newspapers are actually born in filthy, abusive, and cramped conditions. A breeder can market puppies with a few photos of happy animals romping on the lawn, when in reality their breeding stock is stacked in a dark shed in layers of feces-caked wire cages. Some commercial breeders use inbred, genetically-weak parents to obtain smaller or specially-marked puppies, and the darling puppies that result can exhibit debilitating signs of congenital disease later in life.
There are many heart wrenching stories of rescue operations in which hundreds of malnourished, terrified, and damaged mother and father dogs are extricated from deplorable conditions. By adopting your next pet from a reputable humane society or rescue group, you can refuse to support abusive puppy mill owners.
Purebred dogs are also often available through our shelter and others like it. Seattle Purebred Dog rescue (www.spdrdogs.org) and Petfinder.com are good resources for finding an adoptable dog of your preferred breed. 

Spay and neuter services

HSSV Low-income spay and neuter

HSSV Low-income spay and neuter clinics take place on the first Tuesday of every month. You must visit the shelter in advance to preregister and put a 50% deposit down. Balance is due on the day of the surgery. Call or email our shelter for more information.
Cats: $20
Dogs: $45

WeSnip Whatcom Education Spay & Neuter Impact Program

The WeSNIP program was created to provide high-quality spay and neuter service to 
low income pet owners.  Owners receiving public assistance (SSD/SSI, food stamps, and others) or of very low income call to discuss your eligibility.  Need our help? 
Call 360-733-6549    http://wesnip.org/

N.O.A.H. Center free spay or neuter for feral cats

To learn more about N.O.A.H.s program to alter feral cats at no cost to you, visit www.theNOAHcenter.org or call (360) 629-7055. Cat traps are available to borrow at no cost (security deposit required). 

Cedardale Neuter and Vaccination Clinic

Cedardale Neuter and Vaccination Clinic in Mount Vernon offers low cost spay and neuter services. Visit www.CedardaleVet.com or call (360) 424-5676 to learn more. 

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