Thanks for Another Great Year!

Thanks to generous donations, the effort of our wonderful volunteers at the shelter, behind the scenes, and at our outreach and fundraising events, the work of our dedicated staff at the Thrift Shop, and the amazing work of Janine and our incredible staff at the shelter, here are just a few of the animals who will celebrate the New Year in loving homes.

Update on our Long-timers

Clockwise from bottom left: Penn (Mr. Magoo), Meg, Albert, Marigold, Little Bit, Ginny
These long-timers deserve loving homes. If you are interested in adopting one of them, we will cut the regular adoption fees in half for you to show our appreciation.

Enjoy Your Holiday Feast!

After you enjoy the YouTube feast video, check out the behind the scenes video and learn how this video effort benefited the Humane Society of Utah!

Holiday Hours

For the week of Christmas, we will be open 11:00 to 5:00 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 
On Christmas Eve Thursday, we will be open 11:00 to 3:00 for LIMITED SERVICE (no adoptions).
We will be closed to the public on Christmas Day.
On Saturday, we will be open our regular 11:00 to 4:00 weekend hours.

Santa Paws Pictures

Skagit Humane's Santa Paws and Claws picture event was held on November 21st. We would like to thank our tireless workers and volunteers who ran the event and those of you who came to the event to support us. Our fundraising events are a vital source of funding that enable us to care for the animals at the shelter.

Black Cats and Halloween

There are myths and superstitions that give black cats (and black dogs) a bad name. Would you believe that people in our society carry fear and even hatred of black animals that starts with scary stories and images for children into adulthood? Ridiculous, right?

But articles at entitled Are Black Cats Really Bad Luck? and Understanding Black Pet Myths note that negative views of black animals have existed for many generations. And data collected from animal shelters indicates that it takes longer for black cats and black dogs to be adopted. Tragically, this can lead to a much greater risk of these animals developing health issues like upper respiratory infections as the length of their stay increases. Even if negative views of black animals are not a factor for a person, he or she may show less interest in these animals because their faces appear less expressive or because it is difficult to get good pictures of black cats and dogs to post on adoption sites.

So have fun with Halloween, but teach your children that black cats and dogs are no more evil than that pumpkin you carved for the front porch! And spend some time with these animals at your local shelter. If you do, you may find a wonderful pet because you gave that black cat or dog the chance to show you their true nature.

Quilt Raffle Drawing Set for Oct 31

Act quickly if you want to be in the running for our quilt auction! Proceeds help us pay medical costs for injured or sick animals. 

You can purchase chances to win the quilt at the shelter. If you cannot make it to the shelter, please email us.

The Transformative Power of Kindness

We are so grateful to everyone who pledged donations to help poor little Eustes. (If you are not familiar with his story, please see the August post in our Archive list.)

Eustes was well loved by our caring staff at the shelter during his time here. After many treatments and many days at the shelter, Eustes was adopted and went to a wonderful home! Fittingly, he has been renamed (King) Arthur because he has been getting the royal treatment from his new parents.

We received this happy note and pictures from his new mom.

Hi all! Just wanted to give you a quick Arthur update. Arthur was diagnosed with bronchitis and he is currently receiving antibiotics. Once his lungs are clear he is going to have a bit more dental work and then it is off to the ophthalmologist.😉 He is adjusting really well to our crazy household. He loves sleeping on our bed with his furry brother and sister. He is completely potty trained and has NEVER had an accident in the house... Maybe he [can] teach our Pom Teddy the ropes! Little A gets around really well but prefers to be carried at all times. Long live King Arthur! I will continue to keep you posted. Thank you again for rescuing this little angel.

All my best,

Anne Jackson Memorial Run/Walk Pictures

Our 2015 Winner of the Anne Jackson Memorial Walkathon Top Dog Award!

Ray and Ron with their dog Ella brought in the highest pledge amount for the 2015 Anne Jackson Memorial Walkathon. We appreciate everyone who participated and brought in pledges to help the animals in our care!

Dog & Cat Browsing for Mobile Devices

You can also find special versions of our dog and cat browsers for your mobile devices by going to our add-on sites:  and at home, on the go, or at our shelter. 

Bookmark them for easy access!

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The Annual Anne Jackson Memorial 5K/10K Run and Walkathon is Almost Here!

The Annual Anne Jackson Memorial 5K/10K run & walkathon will be held on Saturday September 12
Please register online at

If you are unable to register online, please click on the link below to download a click-and-fill form for registration. Then just email it to us at (save your changes after you complete the form field boxes). If you have a friend or family member without a computer, you can print a copy for him/her to complete and mail in. We appreciate you pre-registering (and it saves you $5 per person).
Click this text to download a Walkathon registration form 

Click this text to download a pledge sheet  You may print this out and bring it the day of the walk OR you can enter your pledge information in the form fields on this click-and-fill form and email it to

Sponsors for the Annual Anne Jackson Memorial Run and Walkathon:

Our $500 sponsors are:

Saltchuk Resources, Inc.

Our Honorable Mention $100 Sponsors  are:

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, please contact our Director, Janine, at or call her at 360-757-0445.

Special Care Needed for Special Animals

We need some extraordinary people and loving homes for these very special animals.


Eustes came to us as a stray from the Mt. Vernon area. When he arrived he was completely matted and appeared to have been so for quite some time. He was shy, scared, and not sure what to do with himself; he curled up into a little ball and never made a noise. After he had some time to adjust to his new environment, he let us clip his mats and get him cleaned up. Eustes is completely blind (he has cataracts in both eyes), and he will need to have most of his teeth extracted as well. None of this has stopped him from becoming a happy and affectionate pup! We do not know his story, but we do know that he deserves to live out the rest of his life in a forever home that can show him what it's like to be truly loved. 

Please, can you help him?

Even if you can't give him a home, any donations would help us to provide medical care to Eustes and others like him.


 Jane and her Kittens

Jane was brought to us as a stray on 08/12/2015. The very next day she gave birth to 3 beautiful little babies! While we love watching them grow into sweet little kittens, they really need to be somewhere away from the other kitties where they have space to grow and play and learn. Fostering will require an approximate 3 month commitment, and you must live in Skagit County. Please come out to the shelter to fill out a foster application if you are interested.


  Join the Humane Society of Skagit Valley 
at Burlington's Country Store
from 11 am to 3 pm. 
Friday 24th and Saturday July 25th 
Come out and adopt a pet or just say hi!


Thomas Strotkamp, Architect and Trico Construction 
did a fabulous job of our new 8 room Cat Wing with 
our first ever Small Pocket Animal Room.
to the wonderful dedicated donors 
that made it possible
In Loving Memory of
Marsha Kay Harris 
Donald Prohaska
Annette P. Wilkens
Karin S. Benson
James Bert "Jim" Kelley
And Honorable Mention 
John Tursi 
Ruth Adamitz, for her love of animals
In loving Memory of
Thomas Bolster.
In loving Memory  
Tom, Brandi, Smokey and Mitz
.  It takes a community to work together,
We could not do this without you!

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