Keep Them Safe and Sheltered During Frigid Winter Weather

The forecast is for a new wave of frigid temperatures and possible snow!

While pets may enjoy a romp in the snow, it is important to limit their time outside in cold weather.

Even though some breeds may have thick fur, in our wet climate, they may get soaked and suffer hypothermia. Think about it - hypothermia is defined as a condition in which the body loses heat faster than it can produce heat to maintain a safe body temperature. For many breeds, that can happen quickly in cold and wet conditions.

There are also other hazards for pets during cold weather. Pets can get frostbite on their ears, nose, the tips of their tails, or on their paws. Ice and chemicals can also cause injury to a pet's paws or underside - from dried out pads and skin to cuts from sharp ice shards to irritation from ice-melting chemicals. Pets can also become sick from licking rock salt or de-icing chemicals off their paws.

Domestic and farm animals that must be outside of a house or heated shelter for any length of time need proper shelter from the wind, rain, and snow. They also need a reliable source of water that will not freeze. For dogs, the best option is to keep them indoors or in a heated shelter except for limited walks. The Humane Society of the United States goes so far as to advise cat owners to never let cats outside at all during frigid temperatures even if they are allowed to roam at other times of the year.

Finally, people should be aware that both feral and domestic cats, as well as small wild animals or even small farm animals (such as chickens) may crawl up into the wheel-wells or engine compartments of cars, trucks, and farm machinery in order to get off the frozen ground and to take advantage of heat coming off a parked vehicle.

More detailed information can be found at the websites of
The Humane Society of the United States,
The ASPCA, and ABC news.

Give Them a Happy New Year

Dinny and Winny are 13 year old sisters that were surrendered to the shelter just before Christmas due to their owners having to move. They have been together pretty much their entire lives, and they enjoyed a quiet home where they could be both indoors and out (they are both litterbox trained). They are both spayed, current on vaccinations, and have tested negative for FeLV/FIV.

Is there a place in your home for these sweet girls?

Santa is Back for a Second Photo Event!

Santa had such a great time with the animals at our November Santa picture shoot in Sedro-Woolley that he will be returning to us! The second photo shoot for pets will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 11am to 3pm. If you missed him last time, join us at the shelter for this second chance!

For a suggested donation of $15, your package includes either one printed photo with a festive cardstock frame and envelope OR the opportunity to take several pictures with your cellphone or camera that you can email or upload to your favorite social media site.
For a suggested donation of $15, your package includes one printed photo with a festive cardstock frame and mailing envelope. Or, if you prefer, a cellphone picture that you can snap and email or upload to your favorite social media site.

Santa has posed with dogs, cats, rabbits, small birds, chickens, and goats (OK, just one goat so far!). We are willing to give it a try with any species that won't actually eat Santa. Please give us a call ahead of time if you need special arrangements for your animal.

Thanks to All Who Donated to the Subaru Loves Pets Event!

Skagit Humane would like to thank the fine folks at Dwayne Lane's Skagit Subaru and those of you who came out to donate pet supplies. Special thanks to Cora Leach, Marketing Assistant for Dwayne Lane's Auto Family, for her support of this even.

Link your Fred Myer Rewards Card to benefit Skagit Humane

Click image to go to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards website

Use ID# 84903 Humane Society of Skagit Valley

Thank You!

We want to thank the kids who have come out to the shelter to read to our animals. See the post below for dates and times that you can come out to take part in this program!

Many Thanks to our Most Recent Clayton Award Winner

Robyn with her sponsor pet, Happy
This year's recipient of Skagit Humane's Clayton Award is Robyn Miller
The Clayton Award recognizes individuals for their dedication and effort toward helping animals in our community.
Robyn gives a great deal of her time to helping animals. She is currently working solo with SPOT's Trap, Neuter, and Release Program to help feral cats get spayed or neutered, spending many hours traveling and helping our community and the feral cat population through her efforts.

Join Us at PetSmart Adoption Days

Join Skagit Humane at the Burlington PetSmart on September 24 to find your special pet.
Live out of the area? Click the logo and enter your zipcode 
to see other PetSmart Adoption Days events in your area.

Skagit Humane at Project Homeless Connect

Skagit Humane will be providing day care kennel services for those who need to visit with vendors at the Community Action Agency at the Project Homeless 2016 Connect at Skagit Valley College.  Services available from 9 am to 2:30 pm Friday September 9th

For more information on Homeless Connect, go to

ASPCA Grant Helps Skagit Humane Relocate High Risk Animals

Recently, Skagit Humane received a grant from the ASPCA Relocation Team to help us with the costs associated with moving high risk animals from shelters in Los Angeles to our facility. We are grateful for the ongoing support we have received through ASPCA grants over the years. We value the partnerships we have with the ASPCA, Wings of Rescue, and other shelters and humane societies in our community and even in other countries. For more information on a recent partnership, also see our post entitled Rescuing Animals in Partnership with Wings of Rescue and the ASPCA

An explanation of the ASPCA grant from the ASPCA Professional website states:

Special Opportunity for ASPCA LA Relocation Destination Partners

The ASPCA Relocation Team supports nonprofit organizations and public agencies dedicated to the safe, humane, and efficient relocation of animals to help increase lives saved.

To encourage the relocation of higher-risk animals from Los Angeles to areas where they have more opportunities to be adopted, the ASPCA is providing incentive subsidies for higher-risk animals received by ASPCA Los Angeles Relocation Partner destination shelters.
We are grateful for this support, and we are proud to partner with the ASPCA to help save lives!

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program for Cats

Skagit Humane is partnering with WeSnip and NOAH to provide low cost spay/neuter of cats for eligible families.

Rescuing Animals in Partnership with Wings of Rescue and the ASPCA
We are proud to have been partnering with the Wings of Rescue organization to move animals from overcrowded shelters in California and Israel to our facility.

In addition, we are currently working with the ASPCA to move cats (37 so far, and more on their way) from overcrowded shelters in California to Skagit Humane!

Clockwise from top left: Skagit Humane Director Janine Ceja 
with Tim and Ronave Lewis of the Corporate Air Center; 
Janine and Yehuda Netanel, pilot and founder of 
Wings of Rescue; Janine with Avital Davidowitz, 
our contact at Canaan Breed Rescue, Israel.

Volunteer Cindy Hayertz
working with "Messi,"
a Canaan dog from Israel

Living with Wild Neighbors

The Humane Society of the United States
provides two great resources on their website with regard to human / wild animal interactions.

This page is designed to assist people who encounter baby animals that appear to be abandoned and want to help them. 

And, with their Wild Neighbors tool, the HSUS provides advice to help people deal with conflicts with wild animals (everything from mice and birds to bears) in or around their homes in a humane yet effective manner.

You can find additional information on our own page about helping injured or orphaned wildlife.

Thanks to the video creation team of
Tristin Galvin, Kiarra Green, and Taylor Knocke from 
Mr. Christopher's Video Production Class at Marysville Getchell High School!

The Kittens are Coming! (And They Need Foster Parents)

We are looking for people interested in fostering kittens until they are old enough for adoption. If you are interested, please note that you must be Skagit county residents and that you must come to the shelter to apply. Not everyone who applies will be selected, but if you are, you will need to be prepared to foster as the need arises. Come see us, or email or call for more information.

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Thoughts on Correction Collars

DTPS Ultra Dog Prong Pinch Training Collar, Small 2.3mm, Chrome-Plated with Quick ReleaseI was a little taken aback when I saw this "training collar" on a special offer at one of my favorite online shopping sites. As always, I launched into research to try to get a clearer understanding of why such a thing exists. I expected to find polarized views in favor and against the use of what I would call correction collars. Surprisingly, I found that, even on sites and forums on which people contended that these could be used effectively, they almost always warned of the dangers associated with an untrained person trying to use one of these and of common circumstances that could result in injury to the animal. Likewise, they noted that the use of correction collars is complicated, as dogs may associate the pain inflicted not with their behavior, but with the environment, other animals, and even people, which can actually result in aggressive and/or fearful behavior in your dog. If you are considering using something like this with your dog, please consider that there are much safer and humane ways to elicit appropriate behavior from your pet.

More information can be found at 
and at

Steve H

Plan Ahead for the Future Care of Your Pets

Animals make wonderful companions for people who live alone. A special pet can bring joy and comfort to its owner. However, it is very sad when an owner passes away or can no longer provide care for a pet, and the pet is brought to an animal shelter. Often, these animals are used to quiet homes, and they may be older and have health issues. The animals will often be frightened and depressed by the sudden change in their life, which makes them appear less adoptable to many visitors to the shelter.

Fortunately, there are ways to plan for providing ongoing care for your pets if you are unable to provide that care yourself. The ASPCA has information on their website to help you plan:

The ASPCA also notes that, although people may include arrangements for the care of pets in their will, it may take time for the estate to be settled, and the intended care for the pets may not happen as this process occurs. One promising option is to have a Pet Trust put in place. More information about this and other options can be found at: and at
as well as at other animal care websites, such as

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Merchants Who Support Skagit Humane

Speciality pet doors for dogs and catsSee their amazing collection!

A Special Friend to the Animals

Camrin is a true friend to the animals supported by Skagit Humane. Recently, he had a birthday party, but instead of gifts, he asked his friends to bring dog and cat food to donate to our shelter. These donations will help needy families and their pets. Here's a picture of him and the donations he dropped off. Thank you, Camrin!

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Easter 

Help your pets have a Safe and Happy Easter 
by following these tips from our friends at
Copper Country Humane Society 

Directions to St. Patrick's Dinner @ Burlington Eagles

The Runfare Fido Fun Run will be held at the Port of Skagit County on Saturday, March 19th, 2016. Start time is at 10:30am. Part of the proceeds from the run will benefit Skagit Humane. Click here for more information and to register online.


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