Thank you, sponsors!

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our upcoming Anne Jackson Memorial Run/Walk:

 Frank and Linda Bothwell

Canyon Law Office

 Letillier's Pet Grooming

Dog walkers needed for Saturday, September 14!

Our Anne Jackson Memorial Run/Walk is coming up on Saturday, September 14 and we need to plan in advance to get some of our adoptable dogs out to mingle, mix, and meet their future families at the Walk! Dogs from the shelter will only be allowed out with experienced volunteers. Dog/person pairs will be matched up by our staff in advance.

Can you help one of our adoptable dogs put his best paw forward at this event? It's a once-a-year opportunity for you, but for him or her it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find a forever home!

Special cats looking for a special home

We are accepting applications for a no-fee adoption on Mr. and Mrs. Kitty! This darling, affectionate pair deserve the very best in love and care. They were beloved pets until this week, when they had to be surrendered due to their elderly owner moving into a family home where allergies were an issue. He was sorry to leave them, but we made him a promise: we will place these two in a home where they will be loved again!

If you are qualified to adopt Mr. and Mrs. Kitty together, we will waive their adoption fees. All we ask in return is that you love and care for them like they deserve, and send us an update that we can pass along to their former owner.

Queen Ava and the Royal Chalice

If you've been to the Humane Society of Skagit Valley Adoption Center lately, you'll recognize this regal lady. Ava is the Queen of the Humane Society, one of our two resident kitties, and a seriously sophisticated girl. When a staff member brought this doggie fountain in for our reception desk, Ava immediately decided she would take it as her very own personal drinking fountain. No boring beverage receptacles will do for this fabulous feline!

A big thank you to our volunteers and donors!

We want to thank those of you who heeded our recent cries for help. When our van was broken, over 70 people shared the news via Facebook and we had volunteer mechanical help onsite within a day! When our dogs needed soup bones to help pass the lonely hours in their kennels, you guys came through and procured huge boxes of donated treats.

We couldn't do the work we do without you, and no kind gesture is too small. We appreciate you.

Mad about Maddy

Daisy May, now Maddy, has found heaven on earth with her new adoptive parents! This is Maddy's third family. 

"We've only had her for four days and already, she has been perfect.  Not one mess . . . yet.  Loves to play, but when she's had enough, she plops down wherever.  Kitchen, front room, bedroom, doesn't matter.  She's already following us around and gets excited when one of us comes home after being gone for awhile. We took her on Friday for her wellness exam with Dr. Anderson and she's in good health.  We love her and you WON'T get her back any more. :)," they wrote.  

After being returned to the shelter by a previous family for making messes in the house, we're glad Daisy May has settled in with a family that wants to help her succeed.

We're so happy. Thanks for the update, Jan and family! Congratulations on your successful adoption of sweet Maddy! 

Thank you for your generosity

We are so grateful to the many friends, supporters, and volunteers who answered our plea for help on Facebook yesterday! When we posted about our need for mechanical assistance on the shelter van, our post was shared 70 times in the first few hours and some great folks came out to volunteer their time and skills!

Today, we're asking for a special gift for our East Wing dogs. Some of these dogs have been with us for over 7 months, and we want them to have something nice to pass the time! Can you please ask your grocer for raw soup bones (beef joints)? These treats keep our dogs entertained for hours on end and can really help them stay happy and sane while they wait for their forever homes. We will be accepting donations of fresh or frozen soup bones whenever you have time to drop some by!

Thank you for everything you do!


Raising kittens is hard work, but it's even harder when you're a homeless mama cat. Sheba, Crystal, Suki, Kali, and Paris are all raising litters here at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. Our staff and volunteers are trying to keep them healthy, avoid disease exposure, provide a quiet and safe environment, and give these mamas the best possible environment to nurture their tender little families. If you are interested in opening your heart and home to one of these moms by providing foster care, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the shelter or email today for a foster application.

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