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Please don't forget the Humane Society Outreach Team
has been visiting Everett's Petsmart every third Saturday of the month,

please call us to confirm visits, 
also just around the corner is Pawsitive Alliance's
2014 Woofstock Saturday August 2nd!
That's right check us out!
hundreds of beautiful companion pets
 available for adoption and HSSV will be there! 


You might wonder how our facility has been receiving
pets from Out of State, well here's
another partner with the Humane Society of Valley,
just wanted to bring to you the
source that has been helping us with transport
of these lovely canines!
Thank you Wings of Rescue! 


Please meet our newest arrivals as of Friday July 11th, 2014.  
Thanks to Wings of Peace and Oakland Animal Services California. 
We have been busy finding wonderful homes for these precious little critters.
Any questions I really encourage you just come out to the shelter and inquire or
 email me at 

The 2015 Pin Up Pet Calendar Competition is up and running! Your pet has a chance to be a STAR and grace the pages of our calendar! Entering is free and votes are $1 each. All proceeds will go directly to the shelter to help the pets of HSSV.  We do ask that pets be from a rescued pet, but it doesn't have to be just from our shelter. All types of rescued pets are eligible!

It's simple to enter. Here's how...

First, go to the contest page at and click the ENTER CONTEST button on the right.

Next, create an account so that we have your contact info if your pet is a winner.
Then, you can upload your photo!  You will get a link to share with friends so that they can vote for your super cute critter. Each vote costs a $1 and all proceeds go to the shelter!
Don't have a pet but still want to participate? Go to the contest page and click VIEW ENTRIES/VOTE. You can check out all the cute photos and vote for your favorites!

Thanks for participating everyone! Now let's go enter and vote!