Purchase Your Black Cat Auction Tickets

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Can you please help us help the animals & meet our goal before winter ends

The Humane Society needs your help,
can you please donate a Kuranda Cat bed or tower
for our new addition 6 room "Sandy Nelson Memorial CatWing".
We can not do this with out your help,
We would like to acknowledge your gift with
a small 3x5 plaque with your name or memorial or in honor of
gift this way, so please provide contact information so
I can contact you.  Our goal 8 Cat Towers and 24 Cat beds
12 small dog beds and 12 Large Dog beds.
please send me your contact information to

Let's meet our goal before Winter ends!Thank you!

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click on this link: https://skagithumane.pulsemob.com/event/1010150

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Cat Nap Inn, LLC Thank you!

The Humane Society of Skagit Valley
wants to start the year right with a Big Thank you
To Kolleen Fox and Cat Nap Inn, LLC
for their continued support & recent donation of $500.00.
Cat Nap Inn, LLC just celebrated their 15 year anniversary,
and in honor of that they sponsored 5 cats
 from 3 different animal shelters.
Well HSSV was one of those shelters,
and they have been committed in helping these
kitties get a home, Patty and Cali are the last ones from our shelter.
Mention this ad & you can adopt
Patty or Cali for a no fees waived adoption
with an approved pet application,
any testing, microchip are extra costs.

Thanks to everyone who support business's like Cat Nap Inn, LLC


2015 Humane Society of Skagit Valley Swim Suit Edition Fundraising Calender

It's official!!! 
The 2015 Humane Society Swim Suit Edition Fundraising Calendar has launched...Sent to the printers this week, we expect them to be here in the next few days-week. If you would like to pre-order, well, we have created a paypal link to get the ball rolling (don't worry, if you want to wait, that's OK too) 
the calendars are 12.50 for one, or 
10.00 each if you bulk order 10 or more. 
We are hoping that local stores will carry them. 
(can you help out??)  but they will for sure be able to be purchased 
directly from the shelter and our thrift store in Mt Vernon!!!
If you are not local, we would be happy to post them to you!!! 
(15.50 included postage within WA state) ...
Our Calendar is packed full of amazing dogs, cats, birds and a horse!! 

All shown to their greatest advantage by master photographer Melissa Corcoran!! 
AND on top of that is is also filled with the generous, supportive donations 
of local businesses and organizations who are deserving of our support (more about them later...)
It's exciting stuff and we can't wait to share...
So take the plunge and get your orders in today!!! Click at link below



Remember this Thanksgiving

On behalf of Then Humane Society of Skagit Valley
Board of  Directors, its Staff and Volunteers,
we wish  you a Happy Thanksgiving this season
We are so thankful for our amazing supporters
that help us on a daily, monthly and annual time of the year.
No gift is ever too small nor too large.

The Staff want you to know that we will be
 closing at 3 p.m. Wednesday the 26th and
Closed ALL DAY Thanksgiving Day the 27th
will resume regular hours on Friday.
Hug your family pets and enjoy your time together!