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Update Anne Jackson Memorial Event 2nd Saturday of September 2014

This year will be a slightly different twist, 
I want to take this opportunity 
to thank all the Volunteers
that have been involved with 
the Anne Jackson Memorial 
5K/10K Run/Walk 
in Deputy Anne Jackson's memory 
through out these last 5 years.  
A special Thank you to Christy Nelson, 
Herb Oberg and Terry Sentinela 
who have been a strong backbone 
for this portion of  the Run event.  
But this year The Humane Society of Skagit Valley 
regrets to share that we will not be doing the Run portion
 of this wonderful event due to some 
unforeseen circumstances.  We hope to see this event return. 
Till then Please look out for the 2nd Saturday of September, 
it's the 13th of September where we will be hosting the 
Anne Jackson Memorial Dog-Gone-Walk-A-Thon! 
see our recent post for details and for a pledge form email me
 at and I will get that too you! 

Anne Jackson Memorial Doggone-Walk-A-Thon 2014!



Thanks to the exceptional folks at Pawsitive Alliance
and this wonderful event the
Humane Society of Skagit Valley was able to adopt out
15 furry waggin tail companions to some fabulous families!
Yes that's right, thanks to our wonderful Outreach Team,
Tiffany & Mackinzie, Steve and Veronica and the Director, Janine. 


Have you checked out our Pin up Pet Calendar Competition recently??
Well let me tell you that overnight there was a huge swelling of new votes and it would seem that now EVERY SINGLE ENTRY HAS VOTES!!!
Can you believe that!!
Now it is true that I suspect a certain someone made sure that no Pet entrant was left behind
(Well I stole this line from the Marines and may have altered it) but how wonderful is it that!
We have swept past the 2k mark!! Woot woot!!
But on a more thankful note, thank you all so much who have entered at this point and continue to promote enter and vote. Every single dollar of profit goes directly to the animals of the Humane Society!

So what is next you might ask? Well everyone has been so patient
 the least we can do is reveal this year’s theme.... brace yourself...

The 2015 Pin up Pet Calendars theme is.... 


If you are not totally charmed by this then you haven't seen
 this photo of Bear rocking his swimmers and aviator glasses!!
So let's do it people!  We have the talents of a wonderful photographer,
 and an amazing printer and sponsorship from local businesses. 
So help us make this year’s calendar, the first of its kind!


The Humane Society of Skagit Valley regrets to inform
that we will NOT be having the
5K/10K Run portion of this Family Event
We will be continuing the
2 Mile Walk Portion of this event.

More details to come,
so sorry for any inconvenience and
Thank you so much for your support!